Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Post Of The Week:Week 18

This week, we want to know which your favourite Westlife album cover of all time is and why. Get chatting in the forum now!
Last week as asked who you’d most like to see supporting Westlife on tour. You had loads of interesting suggestions: here’s one of our favourite responses, from Gunners4EvEr.

'They're a lotta good acts I want Westlife to do like a concert together. Acts from BGT, and X Factor. But at the moment, I want Westlife to do it with their dads!!! We've seen them do it on She's The One and that was amazin!! Their dads are amazingly talented! Even my dad luved that clip, which is really not like my dad! So, I bet if they do a few songs with their dads. Everyone, from young to old would enjoy it! At least, I know my dad would!!'

Source & Credit:Westlife.com

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