Saturday, June 6, 2009

7 days in the life of: Nicky Byrne

Sunday Make the most of the sunshine with a barbecue. Send the minion who updates my Twitter page back inside with instructions on telling the fans how much I love burgers in 140 characters or less.

Monday The great thing about Twitter is that the fans get to know what I'm doing or thinking at any minute of the day. It's all for the fans.

Tuesday Those of you who love me (and you wouldn't be reading this -- with your parents' permission -- if you didn't) will be excirah and delirah to know that Westlife's autobiography is out in paperback. There's even an extra bit where you can listen to us chatting with the ghost writer. I know, hard to believe I didn't write it meself!

Wednesday Keeping this Twitter page up and running is pretty tough and that. You can't keep everyone happy. But here is some exclusive information that you won't hear elsewhere: I chipped my tooth today training!!!

Thursday My tooth is grand, thanks for all your questions and concerns. The only thing is now that I have to get one of the wisdom teeth out. I told the dentist that I don't have any wisdom but the bastard didn't laugh. Do you get it???!!!

Friday I'd just like to release an official statement from Twitter. Thanks to Pat Kenny for all his support over the last ten years. Between ourselves, I dunno how that Tubridy fella feels about the band. He likes swing though, so we should be all right.

Saturday I'm just putting Jay and Rocco on the keyboard. They'd like to send out an exclusive hello to the fans. Hkjjkfdgjklfgooo. That was from Jay. And now Rocco's asleep. But the thought was there.

Or this is how it would be if we were Nicky...
Credit:Dazzling Westlife

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