Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Welcome Back Westlife! 1st Week Winners Announced

A few weeks ago, we challenged to to get creative to celebrate Westlife’s return. Absolutely loads of fans submitted pictures, videos, poems and creative writing about why you’ve been looking forward to the lads’ comeback, and we’ve really enjoyed looking through them all.

It’s been a tough choice, but a handful of our favourites from each category have been picked – and Westlife have written comments about each one!

We’ll be revealing the winners over the next few days. First up, here are the winners for the first challenge, who wrote in 150 words or less why they’re excited about the band’s return.

Amazing vocals,

Beautiful ballads,

Completely Irresistible,

Dashing good looks,

Even better with four,


Great performers,

Hilarious in interviews,


Just great,


Lovely lads,



Obvious charm,


Quick thinking,

Really good in Croke Park,


Totally gorgeous,

Unbelievably talented,

Very nice to fans,

Wonderful with mics,

Xtremely good albums

Young and fit,

Zealous and zesty

Sarah McAvinchey

Nicky says: Hey Sarah, I love the creativity of this, and the fact that you obviously spent a lot of time on it (and even managed to come up with something for Z!!). It’s really great.

I can't wait to see them live on stage, OBVIOUSLY I’m gonna be there, it’s been a long time, and they just sound AMAZING. I listen to the CD's and it feels like WE HAVE A WORLD OF OUR OWN. I get a lot of stick from people because I like you and I just say HEY WHATEVER, then I TURNAROUND and walk away. I would love to meet you FACE TO FACE, it would just RAISE ME UP.

Nicky Coulter

Shane Says: I really like your entry Nicky, you’ve done a fantastic job. Always nice to have a plug for our back catalogue!

Wow it’s been a long year! I’m looking forward to Westlife’s return because music hasn’t been the same without them. I’ve missed the excitement of running to the nearest music store to be the first to get their album, I’ve missed the feeling of chanting Westlife’s name along with all the other fans on tour. And the excitement of counting each day down until that day finally arrives when you get to go to see the guys live. I’ve missed how entertaining Westlife are to their fans to, I remember the atmosphere of Croke Park is was out of this world, you could feel the dedication of everyone there, it truly felt Amazing. But best of all now the guys are back I get to see their faces again which I’ve missed a lot, welcome back guys! “10 More years”

Danielle Candy

Mark says: Croke Park was one of the most amazing moments of our career, so I loved your entry. We’ve missed you all too!

“The sound of the crowd…so far away…” Every time I listen to a Westlife song everything else just seems to fade away and in that four minute time span everything is right with the world. I am looking forward to the band’s return because I want to hear some fresh and new music! The music means so much to me because their songs have become home. There was a time not too long ago when I was away from my family and I started to feel a little down and home sick. I wanted nothing more than to go home and see my family’s smiling faces, but instead all I had was my ipod. When I turned it on and let Westlife’s songs fill my head; I felt at home. For a couple minutes I was back where I belonged; Westlife has become part of my family.

Jennifer Ackner

Kian says: It’s always great to hear that our music has had an effect on people, so we loved reading your entry.

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