Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Post Of The Week:Week 17

This week, we want to know which artist or band you’d most like to support Westlife on tour and why. Join in the discussion over on the forum now.

Last week we asked you which Westlife album you’d recommend to someone who hadn’t heard the band before. Here’s one of our favourite answers, from aoifemcd.

‘I'd definitely recommend World Of Our Own to someone...considering I already have plenty of times.I've told so many people to listen to World Of Our Own because I think it not only shows what amazing singers Westlife are but it also shows them singing such a variety of songs such as World Of Our Own and Looking Like That rather than just ballads as so many people say they do.World Of Our Own also shows that Westlife can WRITE their own songs! Most of these are among my favourite Westlife songs especially I Wanna Grow Old With You.

So many times people have said to me that Westlife are a cover band who just sit on stools and sing ballads and everytime I tell them to listen to that album...and most of the people who listened to it actually became fans!’


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