Monday, June 29, 2009

Post Of The Week: The Final Week

Last week we asked you what your hopes for Westlife over the next ten years are. Lots of you left some lovely messages in the forum – here’s one of our favourites, by Anna88.

Over the next 10 Years, I would just love Westlife to keep doing what they have done for the past 10 years! They have released albums and singles, and have gone on tour and have generally brought a huge smile to the face of every Westlife fan pretty much since Day One!

In terms of the singles, I would love original pop records (although I love the covers, there is nothing nicer than hearing a new song)!

For the albums, the boys should be true to themselves and search for great original pop songs, which make the albums easy to listen to, enjoyable and timeless.

And the big thing is definitely the tour! Each and every Westlife tour over the years has been energetic, phenomenal and absolutely immense! The live singing, the set lists, the dancing and the whole fan experience over the past 10 years have imprinted memories in my mind that I will cherish forever.

So here’s to 10 more amazing years at the top (and the scary thought is that when this "10 More Years" is up I'll be 31) xx

This is the final Post of the Week challenge. Thanks to everyone who took part – we hope you enjoyed writing your answers as much as we enjoyed reading them.

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