Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Post Of The Week:Week 16

Here’s this week’s conversation topic: if you had to recommend just one Westlife album to someone who’d never heard the band before, which would it be and why? Let us know over in the forum now.

Last week we asked you to name your favourite Westlife video of all time. Here’s on of our favourite responses, from luvin_Mark_Nicky.

“How can I choose just one video!? There all excellent but one that always gets me and makes me cry has to be 'Us Against The World' not only is it an amazing song (one that should of been the lads’ 15th number 1!!) but the video is amazing, it shows you stages of the lads career from the beginning to the recent years which is what some videos for other bands miss out. It shows them messing about, on tour and just generally being them which makes it a great video and one that I will always remember and love!!Thanks lads for a great video and an amazing song to go with it xxx”


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