Monday, May 25, 2009

Nicky Talks About Tour And Updated Autobiography On His Messages

Nicky left some messages during the weekend to his twitter account saying about a possible tour next year and concering the autobiography saying:
(The messages are old to new)

-alot of you guys asking me about a new tour and what parts of the world we will be to answer you all..we hope to tour...

- next we will discuss it in more detail when we have started recording but yes asia aus nz south america soeurope uk and ireland

- s africa basically everywhere ! so fingers crossed album goes well and we'll see everyone soon

- not forgettin mexico ! and russia wud be cool too...but no truth in any rumors of us travelling to anywhere bar US for recording at the mo..

- yeah croker was amazing..our new softback autobiography is out next week..its got a new chapter bout croker and new pics n stuff..and you

- get to listen to the actual recordings of us chatting with ghost writer..something different and never been done b4..enjoy it

- croker wud be amazing to do again..but theres also the Aviva stadium which is lansdowne rd redeveloped opens next yr and theres the 02 !

- sometimes you just cant keep everyone not hear to promote just answering your questions and telling you whats going on ..its an

- exciting time at the min feels fresh and like we are starting all over again !

- see y'all later !

Credit:Dazzling Westlife

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